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September 27, 2011


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Deb Olson

love the faces David. I ran right out & bought a copy of the magazine so I'd have it around, and love the photos. These complete the story with a deepness in all their eyes.


Thanks, Deb! Too bad these didn't run in the story. I feel like these are the stories that should be told.


God, these are beautiful. I just left a comment on your other Ipoh post, but also wanted to mention that I went to the Ipoh Convent, the sister school to St. Michael's. You may have seen or photographed the building, which, alas, had to be condemned due to irresponsible development in the area (that terrible Greentown mall/commercial strip), which caused cracks in the fa├žade. Someone needs to defend Ipoh's old buildings!


Thanks, Preeta - I'm not sure which building the Convent is but was saddened to see so many historic building either in disrepair or slated for demolition. Like so many of the old mining towns in Malaysia you get the feeling that Ipoh will just not be the same in 5 years.

Let's hope I'm wrong but I didn't see any evidence to suggest that anyone was actively defending Ipoh's 'heritage'.


Yes, you're right -- I wish there were hope for Ipoh's old town and pre-war shophouses. Singapore seems to have saved a lot of theirs, and Penang too -- people have been buying them and renovating them to be chic shops or beautiful homes, as you and Robyn are doing. This doesn't seem feasible in Ipoh because it doesn't get enough tourist traffic, I suppose.

The Convent is a huge building on Brewster Road (Jalan Sultan Idris Shah). It looks very much like St. Michael's, except it's hemmed in now by all this garish new development. You still can't miss it, though, if you drive up Brewster Road.

richard brown

You got some real charactors in these pictures, sue-way muk!

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