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November 06, 2011


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Teri Y.

Love the photo with the chillis. Also, I didn't realize that congee is part of Thai cuisine. Good to know that this comfort food is not all just Chinese.


Thanks, Teri! I love that you can buy 5-6 different types of chili in Chiang Mai. Makes for good photos, too :).

Chiang Mai has a fairly large Chinese / Thai community so you'll see congee and 'khao tom' (rice soup) side by side. The Thai twist on congee is the addition of dried chili, vinegar and / or sugar at the table. The perfect morning pick me up!


Really wonderful pictures, man. what's going on with those fish in the first picture?


Thanks, Mike - Those are salted and steamed horse mackeral. People eat them with rice. They're quite tasty.

Snippets of Thyme

Incredible photos. Wonderful article in the NYT. I sure wish I could get out there and take photos like these. Funny, I'll be in Portland to see my sister's new baby in April. I would love to dine at Pok Pok!


Snippets - Lucky you! I've never been to Pok Pok but following Andy Ricker around I can imagine the passion and attention to detail that goes into his food. Report back if you do go.


Loved your pics! Headed to Chiang Mai in 5 days and hope to enjoy great food while there!


Thanks, Tbluetravels - check out this place, too..


There are a few more well worth visiting if you dig through the archives. Have fun in Chiang Mai!


I am in Chiang Mai Right now. These are beautiful pictures and the food tastes as good as it looks :-)


Thanks, Caroline - I'm jealous..so much good food in Chiang Mai. Head over to the EatingAsia archives for more recommendations :http://eatingasia.typepad.com/eatingasia/chiang-mai/ Enjoy!

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