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January 18, 2013


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thyme (sarah)

Wonderful photos. Just Beautiful. So interesting to read the details of an assignment and follow you along for the day.


I know it was rushed, but it sounds like you found a way to have some joy in the moment. Great photos. Food looks fab. It's nice to see there's more to that island than the Full Moon crazyness.

I have a question about the "work" aspect of it. You said you submitted the photos and one image ran. Do they get to keep all the others you submitted too, or just the one they ran? And are these photos you posted here outtakes of what you did not submit to them? I'm assuming it all depends on how the contracts are written, but I'm curious as to how it commonly works.


Thanks, Sarah! Good thing I took notes..I probably won't have remembered half of what I did that day. I remember dozing off sitting upright while I downloaded the first day's photos. All I can say is thank God for ibuprofen!

Hi Kristina - Appreciate the kind words. I love my 'job' so there's always an element of joy combined with that feeling that a great picture is just around the next corner.

Contracts vary by publication but in this case they have the right to use photos that I have submitted but I retain copyright ownership. Some of these images were submitted while others were out takes. As a general rule, unless someone is willing to pay a substantial amount for the exclusive rights to a photo, then you should never give up copyright.


Thanks Dave!


Hi Dave,

I have a house in Koh Phangan (www.rooftopvilla.com) and would enjoy being able to put some of your great photos on the 'around the island' section. Would something like that be possible?



Hi Brian,

Thanks. I'll send you an email with details on image licensing.


Wonderful! I am a travel agent and have seen a lot of beautiful places on earth. I've just come back from Ko Phangan and it is one of my favorite spots now!!! Anantara Resort is sooooo beautiful...I will definitely return....Regards, Melanie


Thanks, Melanie! Like so many places it is really pretty easy on Koh Prangan to get away from all craziness. Totally agree the Anantara is beautiful. Great beach on that side of the island. Wish I had an excuse to go back..

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