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September 09, 2009


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Where did you find the music??! I used to hate it growing up, they would play this over and over again during Chinese New Year in the supermarkets. But now listening it to me makes me feel warm & fuzzy. The squat stool beef noodle place is still there??

Thanks for the beautiful photos of my hometown.


Thanks Nan - The music is from a compilation I picked up years ago. Unfortunately, I don't have any other details and think it's out of print. Do you have any details for the squat stool beef noodle stall? We'll be going to Penang again this week.


Hi Dave, I asked my parents and they think the beef stall is no longer there. There is a porridge stall with squat stools on Magazine Road near Trader's Hotel that's apparently still there. Sorry I can't be any more helpful, I've lived in New York for way too long but I'm determined to hunt down all my old favorites when I go home end of this year.


Hi Nan - If it's the same place we're both thinking of then the porridge place across from the Trader's Hotel is still there. I've never eaten there but have photographed it a few times. Have a look at my website ( http://davidhagermanphotography.com/#/places/03/ ) and let me know if this is the place.


Penang is rich in heritage & getting the UNESCO heritage status does help a lot.

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