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January 03, 2010


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RE photo please! Or is that her with the killer beard?


Is most certainly NOT her with the killer beard! And you'll have a photo over my dead body. ;-P


That is one handsome dude with the killer beard right there. I think I know him!


BM - I'm of the belief that 'killer' and 'beard' are best left as descriptions in a police line up.

Jennifer - I see your point. Put that dude in a pair of dad jeans and well - ladies, the line forms on the left..


I demand Robyn pics! Demand, I say!


BM - What you didn't save a copy of Playboy, March, '85? Oh right, you hadn't gone through puberty yet. Sit down junior.


Why don't you tell that to my killer beard?

(I don't really know what that means.)


Oh David - thank you for the photos - especially the old guys. Do you sell your images? I would like to have a copy of the old guys.
I first went to China in 1996. Prior to that I belonged to some student Australia China friendship groups when I was an art student in Australia. I have been back 3 times since then (including a lovely trip in 1993 during the Sars scare-magnificent-no tourists- empty country) and I never lose my fascination for the country. Chengdu is a hell hole furnace of a city in the summer - but ultimately an amazing city for food and culture.
What gear do you shoot with?


Hi Linda,

Thanks. I do sell prints. I'll send you the details separately. We're in Chengdu now and I'm happy to report that the food is as good (if not better) than I remember. Day 1 and a LOT more exploring to do.

For gear, I'm currently using Canon full frame digitals. Left the film and the AE-1 back home.

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