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February 09, 2010


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great looking kitchen just like what my aunt used to have. . .


Foodcrazee - They cook over wood at Sek Yuen so the atmosphere plus the smells that emanate from those woks makes for quite an experience. I came home smelling like a smoked ham and I don't mean that in a bad way.

Gen Kanai

David, love your images. It doesnt look like you use much in the way of external lighting or strobes. Are you mainly available light? Can I ask what your main setup (camera, most often used lenses) looks like?


Gen Kanai - Thanks. I usually opt for natural light but in some cases, like with this kitchen, there just isn't enough of it unless I want to crank up the ISO which I prefer not to do.

I lit this with two speedlights,one out a window (in the alley outside the restaurant) facing the main chef and the other on a clamp behind him. The strobe through the window had a mini softbox defuser and a 1/4 CTO gel. The second strobe behind had a defuser plus a 1/4 CTO. Both were fired with Pocketwizards.

For this series I used a 24-70mm f2.8 zoom. I shoot Canon full frame DSLR's.

Gen Kanai

Gotcha! Thank you for sharing that. I'm just starting to experiment with off-camera flash (Nikon CLS in my case) and while the learning curve is steep, I'm looking forward to the results.


Gen Kanai - Pick up Joe McNally's "Hot Shoe Diaries" if you haven't already. I just participated in one of his workshops in KL and it's amazing what CLS (and Joe of course) can do. Hit me off the blog if you want to share some images :


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