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April 30, 2010


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Wendy Hutton

How incredibly sad to see so many tiny children dressed in military gear and handling guns. No wonder massacres such as that in Timor Leste happen, with Indonesians thinking the military are god. The traditional Torajan dress is lovely, and the photos truly capture the mood of so many of the children and bystanders. Thanks for sharing this presentation.


Wendy - A lot of them were kind of acting like little generals and bureaucrats. Let's hope they do grow out of it. Thanks for looking and commenting.

K. Abednego

"Indonesians thinking the military are god?" Crikey. What a sweeping statement that is, inferred from these pictures?


totally agree with Abednego. that was really a bias comment to make. for god's sake, they were just having fun as kids dressing up in all sort of costumes on their independence day.
just give them a break.......
some people are just so weird that have to connect everything to political issues and perspective.

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