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July 03, 2010


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Great stuff Dave! Even as a very amateur snapper, I find nautical themed subjects really evocative. What is that? Do you have some photographer's theory on that?


Lovely :) I especially like the third and fourth photographs of the ferry boat men.


Thanks, folks! It was a fun project to do. I'm envious of anyone who gets to commute everyday on one of these boats.

Sticky - To me, since I don't spend that much time on boats it's like being in a new city. I tend to see things differently in the first few days in a new city and maybe that is what happens on boats, too. Also, the view and scene on deck are constantly changing which makes for some varied images.

Ashlee - Portraits are my favorite too. I'll probably do a separate series of people I photographed just on the boats.


Beautiful images David, especially the split screen of the older gentleman with the cap. The business of the harbour reminds me of Hong Kong.
Living in British Columbia ferries inform lots of our little trips to and from the Gulf Islands and up the coast. Not nearly as busy as Istanbul or Hong Kong- a totally different experience weaving in and around islnds and coves.
What a talented fellow you are!


Thanks for the kind words, Linda! I interviewed a number of riders on the ferry as part of the multimedia piece I mentioned. Nearly all said they got off the ferry feeling 'refreshed'. I don't recall ever saying that after my BART commutes in San Francisco.


Great photos David :) love the punchy colours and sharp portraits.
I love taking the ferry from Kadikoy to Eminonu or elsewhere.
The fresh sea breeze just brings you to a state of relaxation and meditation.
Also you will meet some great people while traveling on the ferry boats.


Thanks,Mervyn. It's nice to know that we will always have the thought of a ferry ride to visualize when we get stressed out.

Arindam Chakravarty

Simply Brilliant


Arindam - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed these.


I can say that the ferry pics are simply awesome

ferry to

I boarded a ferry to, Nantes,City of France where I relaxed and enjoyed a lot with my crew,even i saved more money.

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