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August 15, 2010


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I prefer the mono. They're both really striking, but the similarity in the tone of the background and the fish in the colour version gives it less pop. At least in my humble--completely unprofessional--opinion.


Thanks Caffeinatedmatt, I appreciate the input.


The monochrome is very effective, but I am more pulled in by the colours: it's hard to say why exactly, but it's the contrast between the warmth of the tones and the chill of the subject matter?
I use mostly colour film myself, though, so I am biased.


Thanks Lynn - I would shoot more film too if 1) I could afford it; and 2) had more confidence that the labs won't mess up the final product. I am however, encouraged that people are going back to film. Here in KL, we're seeing an increase in Holga / Lomo users that are driving new demand. Film does some things that digital just can't touch. I think I just talked myself into loading up roll! Thanks!


I like them both but I find the color one much more exciting. I'm definitely drawn to it more--it's a great picture!

I'm not a real photographer or anything, but after finding some of my old photos that were taken with real film I wished that I actually had motivation to use film more. They just seem to have more depth, somehow. I don't even have a film camera with me, though.

craig | travelvice.com

I enjoy the coloring on the 'lips' of the fish, finding it more stimulating to look at on the screen, but if I were to hang it on a wall it would probably be in mono -- as I think the lack of color would make the image pop better from afar.


they are both beautiful photographs but depends on what sort of emotion you're trying to convey. the dead fishies in mono looks very eerie and almost ghostly, due to the fact they are dead fish and the mono makes that fact twice as bold. the coloured version is much more honest and was not trying to be mysterious and "dark", a little matter-of-factly kind of photo which is not a bad thing at all. and like the above poster said, the colouring of the lip highlights the entire photo which is a significant contradiction to the fact that those fishies are lifeless.


Thanks folks, I really appreciate the comments and input! Let me see if I can put all that to good use. Thanks again!

Gen Kanai

One more vote for the B&W.

Isobel Scott

One more vote for color! The full color photo reminds me of a Venetian festival mask. Then there's the open mouth with lipstick. The color photo contradicts the reality - keeps my mind engaged. It's really cool.


Ha, lipstick..never would have thought that but it makes sense.

Just so everyone knows, the colors are straight out of the camera. I haven't done anything to enhance or change the hue or intensity. I should head down to Pudu market and see if that stall is still there..

German Fafian

Hello there;

I came across this great pic while searching the web and was wondering what kind of permissions/rights you hold for it as it looks great as an album cover after some modifications to make it look a bit more surreal.
I'm not a pro musician just compose as a hobby and was needing a cover for a project named "The Ghostly Zapped Fish Creeps In" I placed thos words in Google and your pic came up.
Thanks for your time and sorry for the bother.

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