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August 29, 2010


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I love old barber shop. There is just something so sentimental, nostalgic, and special about it. I am sure you know the ones on Armenian street and my late father told me he used to get his hair cut there when he lived on Archeen Street, which means that the shop has been in business for at least more than 60 years.


Hey Bee - I think you've been out of Penang for a while. The barber on Armenian Street has been closed for a couple of years. The chairs are still there but I haven't seen a barber working there since 2007 or 2008. Real shame, it's a great old shop.

Rasa Malaysia

Dave - no way!!! The last time I took my dad there (before he passed away), it was still there. But he passed away last January, so that means the last time I "paid attention" to it was probably 2+ years ago. SO SAD. :(


Hi David, Just stumbled at your blog. Do you teach photography or are you just showing the whole area generally and we snap pictures? May I know what are the charges like? Can you please reply me by email at [email protected]?


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