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July 25, 2011


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Love the photo's. The blood one turned out great, wish I had the balls to take a photo of that too. The man sleeping in the tuktuk is very Penang, I could almost reach out to him in the photo and wake him up. Thanks for the inspiration.

Snippets of Thyme

These are great photos. I really enjoy seeing what life is like so far away. I too like the photos of the man sleeping in his tuktuk with the sandals resting below.

Bee | Rasa Malaysia

Were the blood for prayers? I have never seen bloods in bowls like that, even though I grew up in Penang!!! Where was that shot?



Liz, I guess I'm lucky that blood and guts don't really bother me much. Plus I seem to be drawn to the color red no matter what it is.

Bee, I shot that behind Campbell St. market. It's duck blood so I would suppose they were making blood 'dofu'.

FYI - I went back to where the trishaw driver was sleeping and found him - surprise - having a nap in his trishaw! Love George Town.


what is that object in the 3rd paragraph?


Nate - it's a weathered motorcycle. I liked the 'blue'.


Dave and Robyn - have u guys been to Sea Pearl Lagoon seafood restaurant at Tanjung Tokong. I thought it's a great place for photography (the old pre-war buildings before the restsurant, the "fort" thingy, and I think Dave would love it! I love it that you can always find surprises in Penang! Another place is Teluk Bahang Malay kampung where fishing boats parks beside thevkampung house, etc. There is a "fish market" beside this popular seafood restaurant (beside the police station). Go check them out if you haven't, oh, and Teluk Kumbar.


Bee - Right. Telok Bahang is a great place to photograph. I've spent some time there in the past and plan to spend more in the months ahead. We'll need to check out the seafood restaurant. Thanks!

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