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August 05, 2011


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A really diverse collection of portraits. Really enjoyed viewing them.


Thanks, Kavey. It's a pretty diverse place. I would have liked a bit more time to document more of it.


Beautiful pics. Can feel their hearts and thoughts. Awesome!

Teri Y.

I love the sense of realness and genuineness that the portraits convey.

Also love the vintage chair in the second last picture. I haven't seen those in a long time-- definitely brings back old time memories. I wonder if these chairs are still made today.


Thanks, Christine - I think there will always be something very appealing about looking at other people's faces. I never seemed to get tired of it!

Teri - Robyn spotted the chair / wall / painting combo. She said 'did you see what he's wearing?' I knew I needed to get a photo of that with his shirt mirroring the color of the chair and jeans combining with the blue in the painting. You just can't plan that stuff!


The one with the old man in front of the rows of bottles is great!


Nate - One of my favorites, too. I photographed him in his shop reading the paper but thought it would be better in front of the bottles. When I asked him if he could stand there he gave a smile got up from his paper and struck that pose. Frankly, I don't think I was the first to ask for that particular shot. He'd been there before.


Thanks, Dave, for capturing faces and the feel of my environment in childhood. Malacca as it is now is just heartbreaking...but as usual, you and Robyn have managed to find gems along the wayside.


Thanks, Suzanne - We were actually pretty close to throwing in the towel after the first day or so..we just couldn't see many redeeming qualities about the place. But as Robyn said, once we found some people to talk with and discovered some of the back alley charms Malacca really grew on us.

We did the story about 2 weeks before we were scheduled to move to Penang and remember we said to each other in the car back to KL that if we weren't moving we could see spending some more time there (during the week!). Lots more to explore but really it is the people that make it worth the trip back.


Love them. I am wondering if I can just pretend to be a good citizen of Penang one day in the future and have you take my portrait! Haha.


Thanks, Bee - Loose a few teeth and I think you'll fit right in..(just kidding).


Funny, not one of the portraits had lost a tooth, they seemed perfect. Although maybe the others who werent showing teeth were really hiding them. He-he.

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