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November 29, 2011


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thank you, I love the photos and the audio adds so much ambience - brings back memories of my first travel destination, Istanbul. We saw the ferry leaving and ran down to catch the ferry , not knowing where it was going. It took off in an opposite direction -- taking us to Asia. My love of travel and now photography has continues to grow.


Thanks, Marilyn! Glad you liked it. I could ride the ferries for hours (and actually did while I was shooting this piece). What was interesting was just how passionate Istanbullu are about the ferries too. Like I said in the opening, the boats are like a sanctuary, it's actually even a rare to see people talking on the phone. It's a little moment in the day where it's OK to sit back in take in the view.


Watching these wonderful photos along with the sounds of teaspoons tinkling, akbils ringing and the gulls shrieking, I could indeed smell the sea which I now yearn even more living far from its sight. Thank you.


Thanks, Aranel! I play this for myself when I'm missing Istanbul. What a place.

Snippets of Thyme

This continues to fuel my interest in traveling to Istanbul. That was an amazing collection of photos that you put together with sounds from the daily life of a ferry ride. Wonderful, wonderful.


Thanks, Snippets of Thyme - When I'm in Istanbul I'll jump on a ferry even if I don't have any need to go where it is going. It is just always such a cool experience. I don't see how I'll ever get tired of it. Hope you do get a chance to go. An incredible place.


This is so amazing! I've been dreaming to visit Istanbul when I start reading EatingAsia and your photoblog. Thank you for doing such a beautiful piece of work.


Thanks, Has! I can say without any reservations that Istanbul is really an amazing place. Go, you won't regret it.


I found this piece wonderfully synecdochic of Istanbul. I am so very glad you decided to share this even though you consider it a work-in-progress.

Nicely done, Dave.


Thanks, Ele! I had to look up synecdochic and you're so right. When I hear 'ferry boats' I think 'Istanbul'. I couldn't imagine an Istanbul without them. Glad you liked the piece.


Thank You! It's so wonderfully done. Thank you for sharing this piece of art.


Thanks, Alexis! I have to admit it was all done out of self interest. I wanted to record the experience so I could remind myself when I'm not in Istanbul but somehow the tea never quite tastes the same. Something about the sea, I think.


I can't tell you how awesome you just made me feel. I am taking my kids off to Istanbul this week and I am sure we will spend many an hour on the ferries. Thank you so much for the great video.


Thanks, Kristy! Have a great time..please smell the sea for me..

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