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February 11, 2012


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Snippets of Thyme

Awesome Photos. Every single one of them. No wonder you get assignments from the NYT!!

YatYuen Eddie Lim

I LOVE that 1st photo that you taken!!! This photo really does show off the beauty of the mosque and onion shape domes!!! Looks like i got more to learn!!!

Great job David!!!


Thanks, folks!

Snippets - It's always a privilege to work with them. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity.

Eddie - Don't we all have something to learn! I knocked on 4-5 doors before someone answered and let me in to photograph. Fortunately the uncle on the bicycle came by fairly soon so I could make the photo. This was shot with a 35mm which meant I could only shoot vertical to get the mosque in frame. Wish I would have also brought a wider lens to get a horizontal shot. Next time, I guess.

Edythe Kohler

Please feature the Nyonya Cultural Heritage. Cuisine. Architecture. Clothes. Beaded slippers. History. Thanks.

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