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June 27, 2012


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Nate @ House of Annie

You lead a charmed life.


Hey, I resemble that remark!

thyme (sarah)

Tsk. Tsk. Only 1.5 days in Bali. Oh, what I could do with that amount of time!! Great shots as usual...fun to peek into a world...a world away!


Thanks..I had hoped to have time to wander a bit more but frequent rain meant that I needed to stay close to the house to take advantage of breaks in the weather. Better to go on my own time.


Stumbled upon your blog and am truly inspired by what you do! Do you still live in KL?


Thanks, Sherine! I moved to Penang about a year ago. Great place to visit if you have not done so already.

recruitment agencies Brisbane

I'm looking forward to go here someday, I really do,
the place where you can find peace of mind,
bali is one of the place..

Brendan Amorose

I can imagine how exciting your trip was! Oh come on! It’s Bali! Haha. It’s one of the most beautiful places here on Earth, beautiful enough to leave anyone in awe. So I suppose that house you found is near the beach? I hope I’m right. And I must say, you found a heavenly haven there - never mind the price. Hehe.

Armandina Skerl

Hey David, I love your assignment! It’s nice that you got to see another country, and I would love to get that assignment too, no matter how short it is. The pictures you showed here are magnificent! I love the place! My favorite is the fountain at the foot of the bed. You have the best assignment ever! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Ofelia Bertrand

“It’s Bali and I was 15 minutes from the beach!”---- I guess this is what made your house hunting trip awesome! Without a doubt, the house looks fabulous! It looks like a resort, actually. The place really looks cozy and relaxing. The beach part is definitely a bonus! ;)

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