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July 21, 2012


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Todd Lowe

after all the really crummy news from Mexico in recent years, it's nice to see the cheerful images of Mexico City. Thanks for posting them.


LOVE the orange bug in front of the orange building. And the puppy...and the quesadilla. I've been fascinated by Mexico City for a while now, but haven't been yet.


Beautiful sneak peek David. I am so happy to read you liked my (adopted) city. Looking forward to see the published word and the outtakes.


Kristina - VW bugs were manufactured in Mexico since the 1970's so you see them everywhere in all states of repair. Very cool IMHO.

Heidi - Definately planning a trip back. A week was not enough. The article should run sometime in October so stay tuned to this page.

Carolina Stenstrom

Hello David,
I am a photographer from London, UK, heading over to Mexico for the first time, this coming Monday. I was truly inspired by your article, and I hope to see some more of your pictures in the future.
I have a question though. Like you experienced, I have heard DF to be a very friendly and welcoming place, despite its reputation. How did you find it in regards to your camera equipment? I am a little concerned regarding the safety of my gear.
I travel alot, all over the world, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Caro


Hi Carolina - Thanks. I generally felt safe with my gear. I took the subway most places and spent a fair amount of time in markets. Most of the time I carried 1 camera and kept any other gear in a ThinkTank Shape Shifter backback. I was there for a week and no problems but of course stay alert. Stuff can happen anywhere as you know. Here are a few more links to that trip:



Let me know how it goes.




we live in xalapa veracruz for 6 lovely months each year. our eyes are constantly "taking fotos" all around us. thank you for the clear eye you shared in mexico city. you captured the true story.


Thanks Dorothy-I can imagine that is a lovely 6 months. Thanks for looking and for your comment.

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