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May 10, 2013


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thyme (sarah)

A little wacky, a little sleepy, a little rough and tumble, a little beautiful......perfectly captured in this set of photos.


Utterly beautiful pics :-)


Thanks, Folks! This is a really special place. So glad to be part of the action.

Edythe Kohler

I love Penang. I've lived there for 15 years. An Island Paradise for raising kids and immersing on her Diversity - Language, Culture, Tradition and her flourishing Art. I love her Colonial Heritage still very much alive in the Inner City; take the Trishaw Heritage Trail and magically enjoy and relish the Past. Georgetown is where the action is. Experience the Hub of Commerce of the Old and New. See how diversed the Culture of Malaysia (Malays, Hindus, Buddhist)all living harmoniously and still relish on the Nyonya Culture. Pulau Pinang cannot be defined by a Tourist. One has to live there to discover the Depth of her Riches. I know. I lived there and I know the Island front and back..up and down the Penang Hills via the ancient Funicular Train. Magical and absolutely lovely. Pulau Pinang.

Eric Leonardi

I like the pictures in the temple esp the second one from the bottom. Well done David!


Thanks, Edythe and Eric!

Eric, that was a happy accident. I usually photograph Guan Yin Temple in the morning as the sun comes in the front (the last picture) but found myself there in the afternoon a while back. It's great how light changes a place from morning to evening.

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